Sitemap - 2022 - Too Close To Call

The Rant: Childless Reinforcement

What I nailed and missed in 2022

The Rant: Kill Twitter

Top 10 Albums of 2022

The Rant: Margaritaville in Manhattan

The Rant: The Off the Record Holiday Party

The slippery slope of source drinks

Herschel Walker's slim route to a runoff win + where Dems spotted Warnock's weakness

The embarrassment vote boosting Warnock in Georgia's runoff

Nabilah Islam on her confidence in Warnock and the future of Georgia's runoff election

Why 2022 isn't Joe Biden's win

Molly Jong-Fast on whether Democrats should be rooting for another round with Trump

The original email that sparked the hot Mitch McConnell-Rick Scott war that started cold

Calling for Washingtonian policy nominees

The Rant: Bracing for an Arizona recount

Red wave dissipates into Blue escape

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Life of a congressman with Rep. Billy Long

Final 2022 Senate Projections

The three Virginia races that will gauge the Republican wave

Expect the biggest polling misses in the reddest and bluest states, says Sean McElwee

'Those early voting numbers are poor for Democrats'

Robert Draper on Marjorie Taylor Greene's undeniable MAGA power in a GOP House

Ted Cruz sees a 2010 Republican superstorm

What to do about Kanye

Don't expect a Senate winner in Pennsylvania on Election Night

Why the House is in play for the next decade

The Rant: John Fetterman's Debate Validates Katie Hobbs

2 weeks out: The Polling Scorecard

'When he doesn't win in November, he's not going to concede': Arizona's doomsday scenario

Tom Cotton's blacklist

Governors on the ledge in Nevada and Wisconsin and calling 'bullshit' on a DeSantis narrative

House Democrats' new 2022 goal

The most endangered governor in America and the circling threat to Ron DeSantis

The one Democrat not talking about abortion

The Senate 3: October rankings

Bonus: The 2024 Darkhorse, if he survives 2022

Georgia 'is going to head to a runoff'

With Barnes 'in trouble', Democratic operatives ponder moving resources from Wisconsin to North Carolina

The important distinction between the Trump voter and the Mastriano voter

“There’s still an opportunity for Oz to narrowly pull this off.”

The Rant: A solemn Beto's substance offensive on Greg Abbott

#AZSEN's 'Stranger Things': Can Blake Masters Catch Mark Kelly?

'We live and die by whether or not we’re right': How to bet on the midterms with Keendawg

#AZGOV: Is Kari Lake faking it?

Abortion, abortion, abortion: Rick Wiley on how to counter Democrats' relentless messaging in New Hampshire

RonJon's an 'asshole', 'Crybaby' Masters will lose, and betting breakfast on Dr. Oz: A Republican Senate consultant lets 'er rip

The Rant: Now on Spotify & Apple Podcasts + what's coming next

Has New Hampshire fallen off the Senate map? This Republican thinks so.

If Republicans fumble the Senate, who's most to blame?

Biden or Manchin? MoveOn's Rahna Epting on which Joe deserves a 2024 primary

Zero Dark Mastriano

The Senate 6: September Rankings

Rob Lockwood on Tim Dillon and Crashing the Established Media Ecosystem

The Rant: 63 Days in 15 Minutes

The Rant: From 'Sleepy' Joe to 'Satanic' Joe

'Oz's race to lose?': The path for a Pennsylvania comeback

How This Year's Most Consequential Primaries Are Shaping The Fall of 2022

Think again. How embracing uncertainty can reframe your politics and approach to life

Nikki Fried sees Florida's race for governor as an entryway to the 2024 presidential primary

The Rant: John Fetterman's Personal Health vs. Mehmet Oz's Political Health

There will never be another 9/11

The Senate 6: August Rankings

A Democratic Contrarian on Prospects for ... A Blue Wave

MAGA Queen in the Making: Trump's 2024 Running Mate is Budding in Arizona

The House Democrats' Walking Dead

Nikki Fried on Ron DeSantis: 'I get under his skin, I've been in his head.'

The Rant: Can we go off the record?

The High-Stakes Wisconsin Senate Primary Without The Fight

The Cavernous Cash Gap in Senate Races

Two veteran GOP operatives on why it's smart for Republican campaigns to blow off the media

The candidate crushing Facebook

The Senate 6: July Rankings

The Permanent Unpopularity of the American President

The Rant: #PRIDE, The case to repeal and replace

The New Politics of the Dobbs Era Abortion War

The Rant: Marriage vs. Singlehood, a Debate

A former candidate's lament: 'You in the media don't help us grapple with policy decisions'

Adam Laxalt once wondered if gays could integrate into society. Does he need to reconcile that now?

Mastriano tears up campaign norms

The Rant: The Mixed Bag Midterms

The Senate 6: June Rankings

The power of a simple response

The Rant: The Case for Politicizing Tragedy

The Rant: The Risk of Herschel Walker

An Alabama proxy war with Trump on the sidelines

The Rant: Pennsylvania's Nightmare Scenario

'One of the worst campaigns I've ever seen run'

How Barnette Could Throw The Pennsylvania Senate Primary To McCormick

The Rant: I burned a source this week.

Does Tim Ryan's candidacy matter?

Mandel to GOPers: Absurdity wins

The Rant: Live from Coachella

'Chaos here in Pennsylvania': Lou Barletta on why he'd revamp election laws as governor

The Rant: Mike Gibbons or Josh Mandel, who is the better Republican Senate nominee in Ohio?

Inside the RedZone: Ohio's jumbled primary is 3 weeks away

“The Republican primary is not even about Pennsylvania"

The Rant: Why inflame a sticky situation?

"I had to confuse my constituents"

The Rant: Florida Hot

No, the war is not a reset for Joe Biden and the Democrats

The Humdrum Wild Card in New Hampshire

The Rant: 767 votes and the Texas runoffs

Sherrod Brown thinks things are going to get better.

The left's first 2022 test comes in Texas

The Rant: Should seeking a vote by mail be a crime? In Texas, it could be for some.

'She's going to get killed': Money isn't everything

EXCLUSIVE! How a campaign's pitch left me with the unspoken hint of a Quid Pro Quo

Biden's First Year Report Card

Washington's Groundhog Day

Democrats Race to Avoid a Covid Trap

The 5 Most Consequential Primary Races of 2022