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The embarrassment vote boosting Warnock in Georgia's runoff

The embarrassment vote boosting Warnock in Georgia's runoff

Cyrus Garrett explains why he feels better about Democrats' chances in overtime.

Georgia-week on the #pod continues with Cyrus Garrett, the Democratic strategist who ran Southern states for Joe Biden in 2020 and is now advising outside entities trying to lift Raphael Warnock to victory over Herschel Walker in next Tuesday’s U.S. Senate runoff.

Remember, Cyrus told loyal listeners back in early October where this was heading.

Listen: Georgia is ‘going to head to a runoff’

In this pod, Garrett chats about why Warnock fell just short of avoiding a runoff on Nov. 8, why brand new young voters are showing up to vote in this runoff and what the runoff’s outcome could mean for 2024 in the Peach State.

“They’re embarrassed by Walker, they are completely embarrassed by the image of him being a state representative or him being a male, him being a father … They didn’t believe that this guy who could barely put a sentence together could actually win,” says Garrett.

Also, note when I’m referring to southeastern counties in Georgia, I’m actually talking about southwestern counties. My (repeated) mistake in the audiocast, as you’ll hear. Geography fail, but the point is we’re talking about outstate voters south of ATL.

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