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What to do about Kanye

What to do about Kanye

Three Ye superfans convene to discuss the controversy, the conflicted emotions around the artist and whether it's possible to remain loyal.

Ye, or the artist formerly known as Kanye West, is my favorite artist of all time and has been one of the most powerful forces in my life. His music moves me, his design wows me, his ambition inspires me and his raw authenticity impresses me.

It’s always been tough being a Kanye fan and trying to defend him and rationalize his outbursts and meltdowns as the musings of a misunderstood genius.

But the latest anti-Semitic eruption crossed a rubicon that has bled his brand, stained his image and left even his most loyal, rabid fans wondering if it’s still possible to place him on a pedestal.

Before I spoke to anyone else about Ye’s fulminations, I wanted to convene and commiserate with Kanye fans. I found two in a Twitter group — one from Canada and another from Wisconsin — who wanted to share their conflicting thoughts and talk through whether Ye — and we — can survive this moment.