'We live and die by whether or not we’re right': How to bet on the midterms with Keendawg

One pol's haircut foretold why he would impeach Donald Trump. Srsly.

Which candidate has been the best bet of the 2022 cycle so far? What senator’s haircut foretold his inclination to impeach Donald Trump? How should you begin your foray into the PredictIt marketplace?

Alex ‘Keendawg’ Keeney is the host of the Star Spangled Gamblers podcast, which covers the sport of political gambling. He’s made around $12,000 the past two years on metaphoric dice-rolling, propelled by the subtle nuances and peculiar quirks of candidates, issues and campaigns.

I’ve been curious about poli-gambling as a potentially valuable indicator of swings in races, especially as the wobbly polling industrial complex continues to struggle.

Here’s the other thing: Gamblers have real money in the game; Pollster get paid no matter how far their margins are off.

“Ultimately we live and die by whether or not we’re right. We don’t get paid if we’re wrong,” Keeney tells me.

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  • How to be successful at starting out playing with some money

  • Keendawg’s hottest fall 2022 bets

  • How a low-key House candidate earned big returns for those who bet on her early.

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David Catanese