A Democratic Contrarian on Prospects for ... A Blue Wave

Simon Rosenberg stakes out lonely turf for a 2022 pundit in arguing that Democrats can buck midterm history.

Simon Rosenberg is a Democratic strategist and founder of the New Democrat Network who has worked for Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Going back to 2021, he’s been a lonely voice in contending that Democrats are positioned to buck the traditional midterm wipe-out that historically afflicts the party in power.

“This is acting statistically more like a Democratic wave election than a Republican wave election,” he tells me in the #pod. “This thing feels like we’ve got a lot of momentum here.”

The nearly complete MAGA-fication of the Republican Party coupled with national backlash over the conservative Supreme Court’s eradication of Roe v. Wade are the two forces he believes can and will save Democrats from significant losses this fall.

“The publicly available Republican polling is catastrophic for the Republican Party,” Rosenberg says, arguing that while the Senate leans toward Democratic control, the House remains highly competitive, i.e, #TooCloseToCall.

Watch or Listen to my full conversation with Rosenberg for:

  • - how Democrats should now reframe the Biden presidency

  • -the Senate Democrat he’s most worried about

  • -which competitive Senate race is thinks is close to finished

  • -what the reconciliation bill is worth for Democrats politically

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David Catanese