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Robert Draper on Marjorie Taylor Greene's undeniable MAGA power in a GOP House

Robert Draper on Marjorie Taylor Greene's undeniable MAGA power in a GOP House

"I do think she really does want to be seen as normal."

Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t as crazy or stupid as you think she is.

Robert Draper, author of “Weapons of Mass Delusion: When The Republican Party Lost Its Mind,” learned this after chasing an interview with the provocative Republican Georgia congresswoman for more than a year.

His persistence proved successful and Greene sits at the center of his latest book on the ascendant set of characters that have spawned out of Donald Trump’s movement.

“She has shown a level of strategic savvy that’s been hiding in plain sight,” Draper tells me in this #pod that examines her expeditious rise within the MAGA universe.

Now, as Republicans sit on the doorstep of reclaiming the U.S. House, the incendiary Greene is positioned to become one of the most dominant voices of the next two years whether Kevin McCarthy likes it or not.

How McCarthy handles Greene and vice versa will go a long way in explaining the story of the GOP in 2023 and into 2024, when Greene would love to be selected as Trump’s new running mate.

She even acknowledges that’s unlikely. But the incentives to pay homage to the king sit in plain sight.

Also in the #pod, Draper dishes on how Greene reacted to his book, her surprising media diet and how she could impact Mitch McConnell’s reign as Senate GOP leader.

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