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Why the House is in play for the next decade

Why the House is in play for the next decade

Democrats may lose the House in 2022, but redistricting battles made the chamber wholly more competitive through 2030, says Kelly Burton.

Prognosticators have ticked up their assessment of potential Republicans gains in the U.S. House to two dozen seats, and some GOP operatives believe it could even extend beyond that, producing a true “wave” election.

But even if Democrats sustain those losses in 12 days, Democratic operative Kelly Burton doesn’t believe all is lost for her party. The president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee joins the #pod to explain why she thinks a slate of redistricting battles has made House seats more fair and competitive over the long run.

Burton also discusses early Election Night bellwether House races to keep an eye on, how the Republican cash advantage in the House is expanding the 2022 map and ticks off the states that could see their House districts revised again ahead of 2024, keeping the House scrambled, and as I put it, #chaotic.


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