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Nikki Fried on Ron DeSantis: 'I get under his skin, I've been in his head.'

Part I of my interview with the underdog Democratic candidate for governor in Florida.

Nikki Fried dishes about her interactions with Gov. Ron DeSantis as a member of Florida’s Cabinet, what the media gets wrong about the presidential-contender-in-waiting and how she would’ve handled the coronavirus pandemic differently than he did in the first part of this video podcast interview.

Fried, who was elected alongside DeSantis in 2018 as the state’s commissioner of agriculture and consumer services, is competing with Rep. Charlie Crist for the Democratic nomination for governor in an Aug. 23 primary. She looks like an underdog against Crist, who already served two previous terms as a Republican governor.

But in Part I of this interview, we focus squarely on DeSantis, whose approval rating has been measured in the high 50s as he heads into his fall re-election campaign a heavy favorite.

Fried posits that she’s the better choice for Democrats to put up against DeSantis because, “I get under his skin, I’ve been in his head. I know how he operates, I know exactly how he’s going to react to a situation.”

The DeSantis campaign did not immediately respond my interview with Fried, but if they do, I’ll be sure to update the post.

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