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Georgia 'is going to head to a runoff'

Georgia 'is going to head to a runoff'

Democratic strategist Cyrus Garrett on why the Black male is the new swing voter, what Stacey Abrams is doing wrong and the reason Nov. 8 won't be the end of the 2022 election.

Democratic strategist Cyrus Garrett, who ran point for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign in Georgia, has a wealth of knowledge on the purple Peach State and a bullshit-free approach that offers a clear-eyed sense of the state of play in both the governor and U.S. Senate races a month out.

I hope you’ll listen to every minute of this one — it’s worth it if you want to understand Georgia from a man who has worked its trenches and seen what was coming there before most everybody else.

Included in this #pod are Garrett’s thoughts on:

  • the likelihood that Raphael Warnock or Herschel Walker gets to 50.1% of the vote on Nov. 8 to avoid an extended Senate runoff campaign

  • why the Black male is the new swing voter

  • where Stacey Abrams’ has failed to succeed as a candidate

  • how Raphael Warnock is carving out a different message than most other Democrats

  • the key difference between Georgia and Nevada this cycle

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