The important distinction between the Trump voter and the Mastriano voter

RealClearPA's Charles McElwee dives into the mystery of Doug Mastriano.

This is part two of my #pod with Charles McElwee of RealClearPA, where we delve into the mystery of Pennsylvania GOP nominee for governor Doug Mastriano and whether he’ll be a ticket driver of votes from MAGA Republicans or a drag who could imperil Mehmet Oz’s chances in a close Senate contest.

(Part one of the conversation focuses on #PASEN and is for paid subscribers.)

Note: This podcast was taped before Mastriano announced on Monday that he had produced a $1 million advertising campaign on TV and digital platforms, his first advertising since May.

In the #PAGOV pod, McElwee discusses >

  • The important distinction between the Mastriano voter and the Trump voter.

  • Josh Shapiro’s unique opening in the suburbs far beyond Philadelphia

  • Why you should keep tabs on the results in Westmoreland County on E-night

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David Catanese