Rob Lockwood on Tim Dillon and Crashing the Established Media Ecosystem

The unorthodox rise of a comedian in an era defined by anti-establishment angst.

Washington-based media strategist Rob Lockwood recently penned a piece for the Washington Free Beacon on the irreverent but culturally prescient comedian Tim Dillon and his unlikely path to mainstream acceptance through a recent Netflix special.

Rob is a friend and introduced me to Dillon, whose following ballooned during the pandemic, despite not following the traditional pathway to commercial stardom.

This conversation centers on >

  • Why Dillon’s provocative brand of humor cuts closer to the country’s core than anything you’ll see on SNL

  • Why Netflix couldn’t afford to continue to ignore Dillon’s unorthodox rise, even though he’s been unfairly tarnished as a right-winger

  • What Dillon’s success tells us about content fragmentation and the threat to the established media ecosystem.

Check out Dillon’s YouTube channel HERE.

Again, Lockwood’s piece for the Free Beacon is HERE.


David Catanese